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West Culburra Development Concept Application

By 05/07/2018Uncategorized

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has recommended that the Independent Planning Commission refuse this application.

The Department’s main concerns as outlined on their website (see link below) are:

  • unsuitable scale and location of urban development proposed.
  • inconsistent with current strategic plans for future urban development in Culburra Beach.
  • 650 housing lots compared to Shoalhaven City Council’s estimated 280 additional dwellings over the next 20 years.
  • potential water quality impacts for the Crookhaven River estuary and unacceptable risk for oyster growing, fish habitat, protected wetlands and marine vegetation.
  • scientific uncertainty that storm water impacts could be reduced to avoid serious or irreversible impacts.
  • potential water quality impacts for Lake Wollumboola incompatible with objectives to protect the lake from urban development.
  • likely serious and irreversible impacts on Aboriginal heritage, sites of cultural significance.
  • unresolved concerns regarding traffic and access.

Lake Wollumboola Protection Association Inc shares these concerns.

However, we have always expressed the view that we are not opposed to “limited” urban development in the Crookhaven catchment, as recommended by the 2006 South Coast Sensitive Urban Lands Review.

This is a concept plan – an idea – not a development application. It is a long and complicated process with no quick decisions.

Even if the West Culburra Concept application is approved, development would take years to get under way, after separate development applications for each stage are lodged and approved.

The Halloran Planning Proposal process will also take years before any approved rezoning and development occurs. This process involves independent, expert evidence based studies, as the basis for future rezoning decisions for environment protection and development opportunities in Culburra Beach.

We encourage you to become familiar with the Department’s report and recommendation at