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West Culburra Concept Plan – SSD 3846

By 04/02/2021Uncategorized

Please object to the West Culburra Concept Development Proposal.

We have received notification from Department of Planning Industry & Environment advising that the proponent for the West Culburra Concept Proposal has, on request from the Department released its amended application for public comment until Friday 26 February 2021.

The amended application including all maps, reports and appendices can be viewed on the Department’s website at:

This is an amended proposal after the last version of this longstanding application was refused by the NSW Independent Planning Commission in 2018 but appealed in the Land and Environment Court.

We object to major parts of the proposed development including:

  • proposed housing estate north west of the sewerage treatment works, associated road changes and access along the Crookhaven River shore and wetlands,
  • proposed character and scale of the high-density residential development north of Culburra Road, west of Canal Street including 11 metre building heights and the existing commercial area,
  • the scale of the proposed Industrial areas.

Our main objection is that the proposal, represents excessive development. It is likely to degrade Aboriginal cultural heritage and the Culburra Beach environment, particularly the Crookhaven Catchment coastal forest, wetland, river and Curley’s Bay. It would cause serious impacts for the Crookhaven oyster and fishing industries. It is incompatible with the existing character of Culburra Beach and does not appropriately address our community’s needs. Our beaches, bay and lake are already crowded during summer. The impacts would increase substantially with the proposed development expansion and increased population.

Please use your own words and ideas in preparing your submission while considering our objections and suggestions.

The Department advises that your submission must include the following:

  • Your name and address at the top of the page,
  • The name of the application and the application number (SSD3846),
  • A statement on whether you ‘object’ to the proposal or are only making a comment,
  • The reasons why you object to the proposal,
  • A declaration of any reportable political donations you made in the previous two years.

If you would like further information, please contact us by email at: